Bangkok Drug Company Limited was established in 1990 by a group of pharmacists with knowledge and expertise in many fields. until accepted widely Throughout the period of 20 years, the company operates with the honesty of the personnel in the organization. Combined with a vision that goes far of the management until they have developed and created products continuously with determination to develop herbs Thailand to be recognized internationally as in 2005, the company developed Capsika product, the main ingredient is Capsaicin, extracted from chili peppers, can relieve pain comprehensively. In order to maintain the standards of products to be trusted by consumers as well as trying to innovate and develop products New to the market regularly to meet the needs of the highest consumer

The company operates by adhering to the faith and believe in the vision that be an honest partner is a good governance company.

Integration of Thai pharmaceutical landscape is the satisfaction of society

Every step of the way... is success


Bangkok Drug Company Limited was founded by a group of pharmacists. with the objective of conducting a drug distribution business and health products.


Established a pharmaceutical factory under the name of Bangkok Lab and Cosmetic Co., Ltd. in Ratchaburi Province. to maintain product standards through raw material selection, inspection, production and analysis products including Other administrative measures and various quality systems of the company It is accepted according to international standards. At present, Bangkok Lab and Cosmetic Co., Ltd. has been certified with the standard system. GMP standard : 1994, ISO9001 : 2001, ISO14001 : 2005, OHSAS18001 : 2005, TLS8001 : 2007, ISO/IEC17025 : 2011, ISO22000 : 2014 (www.bangkoklab.co.th)


Developed Capsika product and patented a formula for preparing chili gel. and the recipe for the preparation of chilli lotion.


Established the Phra Thepchaimongkol Fund to provide assistance to society.


Established a company Pharma Alliance Limited for marketing abroad (www.pharmaalliance.co.th)


Presenting research findings on the use of Capsaicin in Osteoarthritis. to the Royal College of Orthopedic Medicine of Thailand.


Sign the license agreement "Chili varieties Yod Son Khem 80" by Khon Kaen University.

2010 - 2012

Bangkok Lab and Cosmetic Co., Ltd. received the “FDA Quality Awards 2010-2012” (3 years in a row) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Ministry of Public Health.


Press release of herbal medicine Relieve pain named "Capsika" extracted from chili has properties to help relieve pain in the body, pain caused by osteoarthritis. Pain in the nerve endings, muscles, can effectively suppress pain. equivalent to modern medicine.


Bangkok Lab & Cosmetic Co., Ltd. established the BLC Research Center to be able to develop technology its own technology and products together with the technology transfer logic from an organization that has wisdom by focusing on integrating Thai wisdom, researching herbal products by scientific process with modern technology. in order to obtain a product that has Quality as the philosophy that “quality is the value of life” (Quality means value of life)


Bangkok Drug Co., Ltd. supports the Community Pharmacy Association (Thailand) to organize activities in the project. “Search for the best pharmacy The 4th New Generation Community of the Year 2014 ” by joining forces with Community Pharmacy Foundation and the Pharmacy Student Union of Thailand.


Bangkok Lab & Cosmetic Company Limited received the Outstanding Business Governance Award at the provincial level for the year 2013 by the Department of Business Development. Ministry of Commerce


Signed a business alliance with Nichi – Iko Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd., the number one generic drug manufacturer. from Japan


Bangkok Drag Co., Ltd. was born an electronic business division (E-Commerce) under the name BKD Viva, responding to business needs in the online era. With the motto "Good health starts at home" Healthy at home


Bangkok Lab and Cosmetic Co., Ltd. on March 18, 2021 signed an MOU Memorandum of Cooperation Development of knowledge and products from cannabis, hemp and other related medicinal plants in formula development for medical and commercial benefits between the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine with group companies and grower enterprises


Bangkok Drug Co., Ltd. on September 19, 2022 organized a Kachaa Day event, launching a product that uses extracts from 3 black galingale seeds to extend the knowledge of Thai pharmaceuticals. Kachaflavone extract (Black Diamond of ASIA) including Kachaa Plus is used to increase physical performance. Helps nourish the nervous system, nourish the brain and heart. Kachaa Nito helps to sleep more efficiently. Kacha Viva, a product developed for women, nourishes the skin, helps to increase fat burning.

Quality system

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