For treaing mild COVID-19 patients to reduce disease severity


Adrographis paniculate extract capsule Andromune 60


Warning :
1. Do not use in pregnant and lactating women.
2. Do not use in people who have ever been allergic to Andrographis paniculata such as rash, swollen lips, swollen eyes, swollen face.
3. If using this drug and have a rash, swollen mouth, swollen eyes, swollen face, stop the drug immediately and see a doctor.
4. If used continuously for more than 3 days and it does not improve or the symptoms get worse during the use of the drug Should stop using and see a doctor.
5. If used continuously for a long time May cause limb weakness.
- Be careful when using with anticoagulants. (anticoagulants) and anti-platelet drugs (antiplatelets)
- Should be careful to use the drug together with antihypertensive drugs because they may synergistically.
- Caution should be exercised in combination with drugs that are metabolized through the enzyme Cytochrome P450 (CYP 450).

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