Bangkok Drug Company Limited

We determined to create acceptance from both domestic and international consumers. Which has exported a group of Thai herbal products that meet international standards to step into a world-class competition field. By encouraging Thai farmers to plant medicinal plants which is to earn income into the country Create jobs, create jobs for Thai people to reduce dependence on and import products from abroad. And strives to become a business organization for a full society. The Company has carried out social charity projects such as The company supports the Community Pharmacy Association (Thailand) together with the Pharmacy Foundation and the Federation of Pharmacy Students of Thailand Organize activities in the project “Search for the best new community pharmacist - Patient Counseling Event”

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the company, there is an activity in the "Smart Dispensary" project in collaboration with the Pharmacy Club of Thailand. To develop and increase knowledge skills for drug store operators to have the ability. To provide health advice and to cope with the changes that will occur after the AEC.

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